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Working with Stones

Posted by Matthew Magi on

As I weave each individual gemstone into a creation, a sense of peace comes over me. As a child, I loved collecting stones. There was something magical about their shininess, varying colors, and the weight of each one in my hand. I especially loved the smoothness of their polished surface, grazing my thumb over the exterior in a repetitive, meditative motion. I remember my stones being my most prized possessions, carrying them around with me on adventures, embracing their unique powers.

Getting older, my rock collection began to seem silly, ending up in the back corner of my closet. As a young adult, it didn’t seem appropriate to be carrying stones around in my pocket, blabbing on about how great each one was.

I find it pretty ironic that as an adult, I naturally gravitated back to these magical treasures. I now get to build up my rock collection and play with stones on a daily basis! My journey as an Artisan has allowed me to go deeper into learning the meanings, metaphysical properties, and uses behind each stone. As an intuitive individual, I can undeniably feel a difference on the days not working hands-on with gemstones and crystals.

The sense of grounding I feel while creating my pieces, gives me a sense of inner stability and strength. I love being able to incorporate the unique properties of each stone into my daily life. I feel immense contentment that I was able to bring one of my childhood passions back to life, being a valued component of my present.

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