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Slowing Things Down in Panama

Posted by Jillian Schumacher on

Last month, I got to spend over a week in Panama, which it was glorious! For anyone who is itching for a new adventure, I HIGHLY recommend visiting this Country. Other than the obvious and impressive Panama Canal, this Country has so much to offer and is still somewhat under the radar in regards to tourism, allowing you to really experience the authenticity of their culture.

I wanted to share some of my favorite parts of the trip with you, both big and small. To be completely honest, the best part of my time in Panama was being disconnected from my phone and social media. I did check my Facebook a few times to make sure my fur-baby was doing okay back home-- of course, but other than that I was completely cut off from the cyber world. Not being distracted by all of the social media outlets allowed me to become more present in the moment on a daily basis and to reconnect with myself, which was very refreshing. Being removed from the online world has always been one of my favorite parts of any backpacking adventure where I leave my phone and laptop behind. It's amazing how much time we can spend scrolling aimlessly on different apps, consumed by other people's lives instead of being present in our own. Needless to say, I was feeling very relaxed and "zen" by the end of our trip.

Another highlight was our two day adventure up in the hills of El Valle. We cruised along the mountains through the jungle, exploring the beautiful landscape in a razor quad, stopping at a couple of different waterfalls along the way. The second waterfall was my favorite as we were able to climb and swim from one pool of water to the next. I felt like Jane from Tarzan, a childhood dream come true! We finished the day off with dinner at a quaint Colonial restaurant, enjoying a delicious fresh seafood bisque to start, and a linguine with scallops and clams... enough said. The second day was spent hiking through a local village along the hillside to a mountain ridge line that overlooked the entire town below. The view was gorgeous! A village dog volunteered to be our guide and accompanied us the whole time, which was a total bonus as I am a crazy dog lover! She showed us the entire way, stopping to wait for us in the shade as we took pictures.

Another highlight was being able to go for casual strolls down the beach everyday. -- Yes, an obvious given activity for any tropical getaway, but still deserves to be acknowledged. Personally, I feel a major sense of connection to myself and the Earth whenever I am in or near the ocean. Anytime spent swimming, strolling down the beach, or watching waves roll in is major therapy for me. 

Overall, my time in Panama was spent relaxing and enjoying life. Family time, great food, freshly squeezed lime margaritas, muchos cervesas, ocean swims, leisurely walks on the beach, sunset beach volleyball, and the list goes on.. It was so nice to temporarily slow life down, becoming more present in the moment, and enjoying all that life has to offer. Panama has a super mellow vibe, a place I can't wait to get back to!

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