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Lessons I've Learned as a Creative Entrepreneur

Posted by Jillian Schumacher on

Market season is upon us! It’s so great to be back on the pier meeting and reconnecting with customers and other artisans. As the market season ramps up, it got me thinking about all of the talented artists selling their handmade work and the beauty of creative entrepreneurship. Being surrounded by creative entrepreneurs is definitely inspiring, each person with a fascinating story about how they turned their craft into a business. As a creative entrepreneur myself, I wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.

  • Perseverance is key
  • One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of perseverance. Perseverance means to stay in pursuit of your goals despite doors closing, obstacles or even failures. Each time an obstacle seems unsolvable, persist anyways and learn as much as possible from it. I constantly need to remind myself to stay focused on the big picture of where I want to take my business as opposed to instant gratification, or lack thereof.

  • There is no room for self-doubt
  • So much of this work involves overcoming self-doubt to follow curiosity, creativity and intuition. Self-doubt is really just your fear attempting to keep you in a safe, comfortable place. Safety and comfort zones, while nice, are not necessarily the spaces where creative entrepreneurs thrive.

  • Be patient and trust the process
  • We’ve all been there: we put hours upon hours of work into something and results take their sweet time to show up (if at all). In those moments, it’s crucial not only to persist but also to be patient and trust that the energy you put in is going to lead to results.

    Despite some of the challenges that come with starting a creative business, it truly is a dream to turn a passion into a profession. With the existence of physical and digital marketplaces, people have the ability to turn their skills and art into businesses. On top of that, there is a growing demand for local, handmade products (more on this later). All of this starts with creating.

    So, friends, get out there and create! And do it often. Whether it’s paintings, music, jewelry, craft beer or cupcakes, let your creativity and joy be your guide. You never know when your hobby could turn into a business opportunity. The world needs you to not only create beautiful things but also to do the activities that light you up. Every. Single. Day.

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    • Love this so much!!! So true and inspiring.

      Chelsey on

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